Finding myself up to my arm pits in a major renovation exceeding $100,000, I was terrified of making some long term expensive decisions on colour schemes on my own.  I had a good grasp on what I wanted, yet had trouble committing and needed guidance to shortlist my options and paint the bigger picture (pardon the pun!).

This was the catalyst I needed for a career change, and in 2005 I made the decision to study Interior Design formally and cement my natural flare.

While studying I was able to collaborate with a colour and design colleague to confirm my choices and know I was on the right track for the style of house I was renovating.  I didn’t need a $320.00 an hour interior designer to tell me what I wanted, I had scrapbooked enough to identify my likes, wants & needs.  I simply wanted a colour specialist to make sure I could confidently execute the ideas in my head and the overall result would be consistent and well planned.  The result……exactly what I wanted.  Colour Wheels was born.

In 2010 I was appointed as one of Brisbane’s four Dulux Colour Consultants.  I now have many hundreds of repaints, refurbishments and new builds under my belt.  Colour Wheels has a broad spectrum of projects ranging from homes & investment properties, multi residential apartment blocks, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, hospitals, schools, dental surgeries and many more throughout Brisbane & the Gold Coast.  So you know you are in experienced hands.