Do you struggle to visualise the overall effect?

Photoshopping or digital overlays are a “mock up” or virtual tool to help you understand what your property will look like. A digital overlay gives a close representation of the colour scheme and placement.

Before you spend your hard earned income on your painting contract, get an overlay done of your home to see just how it could look. Turn around is typically 48 hours after payment. You just need to provide a good quality photograph and Colour Wheels can help paint the picture.

An absolute MUST for commercial & multi-residential properties. When dealing with a body corporate and a very expensive refurbishment, a digital overlay is the only way to go. When your body corporate needs to vote at your AGM, a digital overlay is the only way of really preparing you well for the potential outcome.

How much do overlays cost?
Commercial and multi-residential: $165 for standard elevation; $198 for very large properties.
Residential: $100 PER elevation.

(all pricing incl. GST)